Dating direct heeia hawaii

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Dating direct heeia hawaii

And when it’s time to end things, keep conversations respectful and professional, avoid emotional reactions, and be careful about what you say in public.That gives everyone a chance to walk away with their pride and reputations intact.Sometimes the reason for a split is more egregious.If a client is mistreating your employees, it may be necessary to end the relationship – even if it’s lucrative, Patterson says.“Usually people are so busy working that they don’t have time to talk about that kind of stuff,” Payton says.“They end up drifting apart and focusing on their own reasons for doing things.” Starting a thoughtful conversation about the company’s purpose and mission can shift the focus from day-to-day frustrations to a calm assessment of whether everybody’s on the same page.“When you can direct it back to that vision or those deliverables, it becomes far less personal,” she says.

When that happens, the business owner must step in immediately to discuss appropriate conduct and set clear boundaries, she says.

Be sure to document any cases of abuse and, if the problem continues, it may be necessary to fire the client.

“It’s the employer’s responsibility to protect employees,” she says.

Charletta Wilson was 18 months into a lucrative consulting contract when she realized the firm that had hired her was engaged in unethical accounting practices. Could she really walk away from such an important client?

“You go through a rationalization process,” says Wilson, of Capeesh Consulting, based in Hawaii.

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It can be very threatening to the reputation of the firm.” So what’s the secret to ending a business relationship well?