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Thus, this episode is dedicated to helping Marcy survive another day and it’s much trickier than anyone could have imagined.

She assumed that her fate was doomed but that’s not quite accurate.

Two other videos were shot and released for the songs "Tum" and " Sha Na Na" the same year.

Directed by ad-guru and filmmaker Pradeep Sarkar, the video became a benchmark for non-Bollywood music videos.She suggests that they walk to the car and then once they arrive he can give her a dose of amnesia.He agrees and unties her legs so she can stroll for a bit but it backfires as soon as she fake falls, grabs a rock, smashes his noggin’ and makes a run for it.) is an Indian rock band from the city of Delhi, India.Moving through several line-ups, the band kept searching for their elusive break.

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Well, super teenage mentor Lauren Galley has the solution.

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