Ryan dunn dating history

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Ryan dunn dating history

Young females with older sexual partners are less likely than other sexually experienced teenage women to report that the relationship is “steady,” and are more likely to report that their first sexual intercourse was nonvoluntary or unwanted.Also, females who ever had an older partner during adolescence report more lifetime partners, on average, than others.Finally, do associations differ for males and females?The acquisition of an STD puts individuals at risk for other negative reproductive health outcomes, including susceptibility to other STDs, pelvic inflammatory disease, pregnancy complications, infertility and cervical cancer.Using data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health), which allow us to control for a range of individual and family characteristics, we address the following research questions: First, is having sex at a young age with an older partner associated with the risk of acquiring STDs or being involved in a teenage or nonmarital birth by young adulthood?Second, are any observed associations affected by characteristics of teenagers’ relationship history?Therefore, it is important to investigate the influence of age and partners’ age difference on both males’ and females’ sexual health risks using longitudinal data.

Females, blacks, older teenagers, youth with low grade point averages and those who were relatively young at sexual debut are more likely than others to contract an STD or to report a history of STDs.

In particular, program providers should be alerted that females who engage in early sexual activity with older partners are at especially high risk of experiencing adverse reproductive health consequences.

Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 2008, 40(1):17–26 Having sex at a young age with an older partner places adolescents at risk for several negative reproductive health outcomes.

Second, we anticipate that any observed association is due, in part, to individual and family background characteristics, as well as to characteristics of the relationship history.

Third, we expect that having sex at a young age with an older partner has a more negative influence on reproductive health outcomes for females than for males, as females face increased health risks when power differentials (reflected here by age differences) favor the male.

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