Intimidating voters illegal

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Intimidating voters illegal

Philadelphia District Attorney Kelley Hodge on Monday called the election board actions “a ruthless example of why so many of our fellow citizens are skeptical and distrustful of our elections.” Shaw, who was judge of elections at the polling place, faces six felonies and four misdemeanors.

Mattox, a minority inspector, faces six felonies and five misdemeanors.

*Hatmaker effectively joined the coterie of "Never Trump" evangelicals, telling her more than half a million Facebook followers that Donald Trump made her "sad and horrified and despondent." After the "Access Hollywood" tape leaked and prominent evangelical men came to Trump’s defense, she tweeted: "We will not forget.

Nor will we forget the Christian leaders that betrayed their sisters in Christ for power." *That’s when the full weight of conservative Christian outrage crashed down on Hatmaker.

Bush, from Ted Cruz to the paradigmatically unholy Donald Trump.

The Christian Machine is a gothic, ungodly relic of mean-spirited dishonesty and deeply unspiritual malice.

Life Way Christian Stores, the behemoth retailer of the Southern Baptist Convention, pulled her titles off the shelves.

*"This year I became painfully aware of the machine, the Christian Machine," she wrote in April on her blog….

Hatmaker wrote that she understood now the machine’s "systems and alliances and coded language and brand protection," not as the insider she had long been, but "from the outside where I was no longer welcome." During the election season, she added, the "Christian Machine malfunctioned." *Back in 2013, she wrote a blog post about getting uninvited to speak at a church, partly because of her critical tone toward ministries that do not emphasize social justice.

He was previously the political editor for the Daily News.

Since 1999, Brennan has covered elections for president, the U. Senate and House, governor of Pennsylvania, mayor of Philadelphia and other public offices.

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A voter intending to cast a ballot for the Green Party candidate was told the ballot machine was broken and later was cursed at when he returned to try again, Shapiro said.

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