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Video dating service youtube

Even the site’s domain name was registered on February 14, Valentine’s Day.

That's not exactly what comes to mind when you think of the world's largest video site, which welcomes a billion visitors a month.

"Just three guys on Valentine's Day that had nothing to do," he said. You Tube has grown into a video empire and launched the careers of several stars, including Justin Bieber, makeup artist Michelle Phan and Swedish gamer Pew Die Pie.

The service has also expanded to include a subscription site, You Tube Red, and a dedicated gaming site.

Soon, coming up with methods to recruit would-be daters became less and less of an issue.

"Our users were already one step ahead of us," Karim says.

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In a You Tube video of his 2007 commencement speech at the University of Illinois, Karim explains how he and his fellow co-founders struggled to get people interested in the site in its earliest days.