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Other key members of the development team included Bill Trost, who created the history, lore and major characters of Norrath (including Ever Quest protagonist Firiona Vie), Geoffrey "GZ" Zatkin, who implemented the spell system, and artist Milo D.

Ever Quest made a push to enter the European market in 2002 with the New Dawn promotional campaign, which not only established local servers in Germany, France and Great Britain but also offered localized versions of the game in German and French to accommodate players who prefer those languages to English.

In 2003 the program changed for the volunteer guides taking them away from the customer service focus and placing them into their current roles as roving 'persistent characters' role-playing with the players.

In anticipation of Play Station's launch, Sony Interactive Studios America made the decision to focus primarily on console titles under the banner 989 Studios, while spinning off its sole computer title, Ever Quest, which was ready to launch, to a new computer game division named Redeye (renamed Verant Interactive).

John Smedley, Brad Mc Quaid, Steve Clover and Bill Trost, who jointly are credited with creating the world of Ever Quest, have repeatedly pointed to their shared experiences playing MUDs such as Sojourn and Toril MUD as the inspiration for the game.

Development of Ever Quest began in 1996 when Sony Interactive Studios America (SISA) executive John Smedley secured funding for a 3D game like text-based MUDs following the successful launch of Meridian 59 the previous year.

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Ever Quest began as a concept by John Smedley in 1996.

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