8 rules to dating my daughter cast

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8 rules to dating my daughter cast

In the midst of last week's storm surrounding CBS and "The Reagans," you may have missed something sweet and lovely that happened over on ABC.

On Tuesday night, the cast, producers and writers of "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter" took their tragic loss of a co-star and friend and, in a nod to moving on, created honest, wonderful television. Considering the way television can bungle these things, the sitcom's return without John Ritter, whose sudden death of an aortic dissection in September shocked so many, could have been a lot worse.

Instead, the Hennessys' sorrow was allowed to exist as hollow, unchartered space, exactly as it should be. So, somebody's going to have to take up the cornball slack around here." A fitting statement, because Paul's funeral is over.

Coming from a small town, playing big festivals like Glastonbury and internationally touring must be such a different experience. But then sometimes it feels really natural, like just walking down the street and being like “I’m playing a show tonight.” What’s been your favorite city so far that you’ve played? I used to go to this musical group as a really young kid, when I was about 3 years old.

You’ll be flying to Australia just 2 days after this show tonight. I always think about it when I’m on stage, which is pretty bad, like in Seattle I was like “What am I doing here?! I would just sit there screaming, not wanting to be there, I was really bad when I was really young, up until the age of 6 or 7, I’d just kick teachers and make a lot of rude comments.

More than 20 million tuned in for the Hennessys' laugh-free return last week, making it a rare success in a lackluster November. The tears and mourning blurred the line between the characters' feelings and the cast's true emotions, creating an hour that felt tragically, realistically heartrending.

The episode, which wasn't available for critics to review last week, brought home the random, stupefying nature of death as the cast and characters addressed this new gap in their lives.

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And then I got really shy and just didn’t talk for ages.

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