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If you ever think of remarrying, read this material carefully.Even if you feel it is God’ will to follow this goal, there are numerous practical aspects to keep in mind.We are convinced, however, that resolving the answers to the next questions could take several months. At first my children had only a slight acquaintance with Rita. After studying this question carefully and consulting counselors and trusted friends, we took a path that has been reasonably successful.It has helped us establish a harmonious family relationship.On the other hand, if your children are opposed because of some specific loving concerns, consider these aspects carefully.While you should be concerned about the feelings of your children, you need to take charge of your life and do what you believe is best.Whatever you do, be sure you’re guided by the Scriptures in your pursuits.

Although the feelings of adult children regarding your remarrying must be considered, the final decision must be made by both of you for the best interests of all.

As part of the research for writing this [article], we interviewed survivors who have married so we could list criteria to consider before remarrying. If you have difficulty resolving any of the questions posed, you need to examine your reasons for remarriage and your overall goals.

The questions below are not listed in any order of importance.

They can best give you objective advice about your relationship.

Once you’re comfortable with the decision you have made, announce your intentions to your children privately. After you decide to remarry, most loving children will want your marriage to succeed. If not, the passage of time usually helps people adjust to new situation.

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We believe that God is Master of every facet of life.

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