Speed dating for unprofessionals

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Speed dating for unprofessionals

I replied saying i wanted a refund as they couldn't provide the service i paid for.They ignored that email and a few more I wrote requesting the refund.I tried asking the same question couple more times and eventually I was told I was being rude and that I was banned and that the police would be called.I was absolutely shocked at the reply as it was totally unnecessary.

You know you ain’t living if you haven’t been banned by a company at least once, right?

I convinced a friend to attend with me as I've never been to a speed dating event. They then responded to say they could offer a voucher valid for 12 months then no response when I confirmed that would be acceptable. So I'm not surprised reading news about how people have bought tickets and then being told the event is sold out.

I replied demanding my money back or a voucher to be issued. Paid for 2 tickets () was emailed the day before to say sorry there was a mix up its now sold out and we can't take you! I'd been to their events before and while I never had the problem of being turned away saying I hadn't paid, I saw that happen to someone else.

They also have branches in other cities, check out the review someone else had left for "Brisbane Speed Dating." They are the same company.

May 26th 2017 Update: Ladies, you will be unsafe A couple of things: - I don't know if they pay people to fill in.

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How this company can promote they are proud of their customer service on Facebook is beyond me.

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