Rssowl not updating

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Rssowl not updating

Other notables supporting Atom include Mark Pilgrim, Tim Bray, Aaron Swartz, Joi Ito, and Jack Park. After releasing a project snapshot known as Atom 0.2 in early July 2003, discussion was shifted off the wiki.The discussion then moved to a newly set up mailing list.The name Atom applies to a pair of related Web standards.The Atom Syndication Format is an XML language used for web feeds, while the Atom Publishing Protocol (Atom Pub or APP) is a simple HTTP-based protocol for creating and updating web resources.For instance, it is not uncommon to find atom:link elements being used within RSS 2.0 feeds.

Members of the community who felt there were significant deficiencies with this family of formats were unable to make changes directly to RSS 2.0 because the official specification document stated that it was purposely frozen to ensure its stability.

People quickly started using the wiki to discuss a new syndication format to address the shortcomings of RSS.

It also became clear that the new format could form the basis of a more robust replacement for blog editing protocols such as the Blogger API and Live Journal XML-RPC Client/Server Protocol as well.

Proponents of the new format formed the IETF Atom Publishing Format and Protocol Workgroup.

The Atom syndication format was published as an IETF proposed standard in RFC 4287 (December 2005), and the Atom Publishing Protocol was published as RFC 5023 (October 2007).

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It is common to find web feeds on major websites, as well as on many smaller ones.