Dating personals for sports fans amy winehouse and pete doherty dating

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Dating personals for sports fans

Adopting the relational approach examining the determinants of sports fans loyalty, this study examined how Twitter use moderates the building of fan loyalty.

Findings revealed that team attraction, team trust and team involvement are positively related to team attachment.

This included team attraction, team trust, team involvement and team attachment and to test the moderating effects of Twitter use—both on nongame days and during a game.

Relationship marketing is defined as “all marketing activities directed toward establishing, developing, and maintaining successful relationship exchanges” (Morgan & Hunt, 1994) and further leads to attract, maintain and enhance consumer relationships (Berry, 2002).

Loyalty, according to Oliver (1999), is defined as a deeply held commitment to repurchase or re-patronise a favoured product or service consistently over time.

Fans are attracted to teams or individuals for an array of reasons, often it is due to the geographic location but this is not the only reason.Hambrick & Kang, (2015) found that current sports marketers manipulate the online environment to increase its impact on fan–team relationships.This is because relationship marketing eventually leads to brand loyalty as research by Shani & Chalasani, (2013) found.Not surprisingly, a large majority of sports teams and organisations have recently adopted social media as part of their marketing and public relations strategies.They particularly rely on social media to facilitate fan behaviours such as purchasing tickets and/or team merchandise.

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Team trust is likely to be important to sports organisations, although few studies have examined it.