Vicktorian dating

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Vicktorian dating

I now have art work chosen by my Great, Great grandfather, and also see the people that hopefully he brought happiness to when capturing them in his work.

Here at, we sell Antique Vintage Clothing and are sellers of fine, high quality Victorian Clothing and authentic Antique Ladies Victorian attire.

Seamstress Alethea Sayers creates her exquisite Edwardian styled designs often with authentic antique laces and novelties incorporated into her designs for any Titanic styled event, the yearly upcoming, 1913 "Somewhere in Time" weekend at Macinac Island, or, for "Downton Abbey" themed soirees and Edwardian-themed dinner parties.

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Imagine movies, "Moulin Rouge" with Nicole Kidman's "Satine," and Scarlet Johannsen's sexy magician's assistant seen in, "The Illusionist" or, the new "Sherlock Holmes." Rhonda Griffin is your "go-to" bustle designer for the bustle of your dreams. ; ) Think of a Victorian Audrey Hepburn, a Victorian theme dinner or birthday party, or dressing on stage as the lovely Princess Carlotta, Queen Victorian, or the beautiful Queen Alexandria.

Rhonda Griffen's bustles are also togofor for burlesque and Victorian circus performer costumes as well.You can also Sell to Bustledress Antique Vintage Clothes or Victorian style items from the Victorian era.Besides Victorian Antique Wedding Gowns/ Accessories also offers antique Antique Designer Clothes/ Accessories quality, Antique Wedding Gowns/ Accessories and decadent Titanic 1912 Edwardian Clothes/ Accessories listings.Which lovely famous Country Music SUPERSTAR just wrapped up a fabulous new music video project, wearing an exquisite Gothic mourning gown, especially made for the project by Romance novel seamstress extraordinaire, Alethea Sayers? read more WHO is the Country Western SUPERSTAR wearing Alethea Sayers Bustle Dress Costume by Alethea Sayers The Northern California Victorian Society at is proud to team up to co-present with The San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, to announce of an important Exhibition on 19th century Victorian Crazy Quilts, named Still Crazy,exhibiting November 17, 2009- February 7, 2010... Explore the historic homes dating back through the ages, the abundant gardens and farmsteads, indulge in award-winning breakfasts and dinners, relax in the tranquillity of stunning views and peaceful countryside.

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Get information from the world’s largest collection of British and Irish carte de visite photographs and related data.

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