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Hypnosis itself hasn’t changed for millennia, but our understanding of it and our ability to control it has changed quite profoundly.

Nevertheless, the stubborn fact remained that hypnosis worked, and the 19th Century is characterised by individuals seeking to understand and apply its effects.

Contrary to science, in industry amorphous refers to very small crystal size rather than complete lack of crystal structure.

This results in a lower bulk electrical conductivity for carbon than for most metals.

This trend continued into the 20th Century, although in some ways, hypnosis became imprisoned by its own respectability, as it became mired in endless academic debate about “state” or “non-state”.

The future of hypnosis will be to fully realise the incredible potential of our natural hypnotic abilities.

Inevitably, these magical trappings led to Mesmer’s downfall, and for a long time, hypnotism was a dangerous interest to have for anybody looking for a mainstream career.

On the other hand, it’s only in the last few decades that we’ve come to realise that!

Thanks to their persistence and efforts, by the end of the century hypnosis was accepted as a valid clinical technique, studied and applied in the great universities and hospitals of the day.As the over 60 attendees arrived for the evening program, each was given a number and assigned to a small group.Following brief opening statements from each candidate, the “dating” began.Each bag is then coded (for anonymity) and guests are asked to throw dignity to the wind and sniff out a match.Comments you can expect to hear: “Mmm, I need to get a whole nose full of that,” “How much did I pay for this?

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” Matches then have their picture taken with the non-offending bag and it is shown on a big screen for all to see.

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