Dating a swiss k31 Italian video chat

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Dating a swiss k31

The K31 was issued with a single detachable six-round magazine, and soldiers were expected to reload it from stripper clips.

The cartridge for which the K31 was chambered was designated the GP11, or 7.5x55.

It was a replacement for the elderly, cumbersome Schmidt-Rubin straight pull, and is sometimes referred to as the Schmidt-Rubin K31, but that is erroneous, and neither of those gentlemen had anything to do with it, both being dead at the time.

I have been looking for a good deal on a Swiss 1918 bayonet to go with my K31, and most of the prices have been ~ when in stock at most retailers. I thought I'd pass this along for anybody that may be looking for one.

Today, I found that Southern Ohio Guns (SOG) has the 1918 bayonets in stock for .95.

The K31 was a vast improvement over the old Schmidt-Rubin.

stands for “karabiner,” and although it looks like a carbine alongside its predecessor, its barrel is actually 26 inches long, which is 2 inches longer than the Springfield 03.

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The Swiss remained neutral through World War II, as even Der Adolf was not crazy enough to invade them.